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Do you know Prisma Design Thinking´s History?

At the year of 2017 I left my job where I was Product Specialist in searching of a place that I can propose new process and work methodologies, at the time, I end up in a IT Consulting, where unfurtunally, I couldn´t do what I expect when I left my previously job.

Because of that I left the job, and I was unemployed again, before I start to search for another job, I created my brand and before do it, I did the concept of it, which is marked by multidiciplinarity. A skill that I acquired over the years aplying UX, UI, product, front-end and marketing. But then, I caught myself thinking in a whay that I could offer all my knowledge in form of service, and more, a service that reflected this multidisciplinarity, and I though at the steps I used to follow to do each job, the process, and came to my mind the term: Design Thinking.

Naturally, new customers came, and additionally, the first desagrements and also the learning, I start to be aware of what need to be improved at the consulting process. I realized, usually, people em general don´t quite understand the role of the designer inside the process work, designer´s positions also are bad understood: there was a lot of tasks that don´t implies in a work design or people even know what the design tasks are, and how it can be helpful to their business not only in a common way: the visual way, but also in a strategic way.

The therm Design Thinking was something vague, people associate to innovation, but they really don´t get the ideia of the relation between co-creation and strategy, the importance of involve the team at the stage of co-creation.

Consequently, cross my mind an idea: transcript all this experience and try to add my point of view and how I think we can elucidate it throught texts, in a written form.

From that point, I started Prisma Design Thinking in form of blog, with the purpose of think and discuss new work and educational relations throught Design Thinking.

Most people associate Design Thinking to the use of Double Diamond process, and innovation process, or User Experience. But, to me, Design Thinking is a work mindset, as originally it begun at The Stanford University at 90´s.

A mindset very commom in people with designer´s profile, but from my point of view, is not a restrict to them, it´s our job to spread this creative culture and destroy several miths: that design it´s exclusively visual, that we are just creatives, and mostly: we don´t know business.

Like is commom sense, the though of a designer thinker it´s a thought of abstraction and synthesis, a balance between subjectivity and objectivity. But in my opinion, we have to go far beyond this abstractions, we have to think in aprouchs, tools, methods that work in this way, to achieve what I believe be a maximum potential of Design Thinking, a work totally based on it. It is the way Prisma works and stand for.

Work characteristics that allows understand differences between value propositions of products, services, experiences when we aply it.






Methodologies are process that guide work , phases to be acomplished to delivery something, a step by step, the guides us to a goal or objective.
Lean UX

lean ux

Design Sprint

design sprint

Double Diamond

double diamond

Tools, most of the time are structured canvas that are usefull to manage ideas, concepts, data without wast time and get lost at the process.
Empathy Map

empathy map

Bussiness Canvas

bussiness canvas



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